Time Trial

Our time trial rules are as follows:

COMPETITION PERIOD: 9th January to 30th October (November and December will be excluded).

ELIGIBILITY: Only fully paid CMSCEDEN members in good standing.


  • Most CMSCEDEN Time Trials done as CMSCEDEN member: Members who have actually run (not time-keepers) official 5km time trials (since January 2016) 20X, 50X, 100X etc. This includes both Wilderness and Reebok Time Trials.
  • Most Current Year Time Trials.
  • Fastest Male. [Current record 16:45 Ricardo Cornelius 6th February 2019]
  • Fastest Female. [Current record 21:37 Ariadne van Zandbergen 7th February 2018]
  • Time Trial Competition Champion.

Only 5km time trials will be considered for this competition. The competition runs for the current year only, for the period indicated above.

Points will be accumulated based on member’s Personal Best (PB) and the number of 5km time trials completed.

The member’s PB will be the member’s best time trial run in the previous year and will be adjusted during the competition period whenever the member improves it.

New members will have to do four time trials before their PB is determined after which points will be allocated retrospectively. Alternatively, we will use half of your best official 10km road race time during the previous year.

Points will be awarded as follows:

2 Points for Running the 5km time trial

4 Points for Beating your 5km PB Time

Note 1: Points are not cumulative, for example you don’t get 2 points for running the 5km time trial plus 4 points for beating your PB.

Note 2: Certain social time trials (e.g. beach runs) may not count towards the competition.

Note 3: Official time trials are those organised by the Time Trial Coordinator.

Note 4: The Time Trial Coordinator may review the above as and when necessary.

Note 5: Reebok Time Trials do not count for the competition, they only count for number of official 5km Time trials done as a member.