Points System

The goal of the club is to create a mechanism for a member to measure their own progress, the club administration to be transparent and accurate with our members.

The individual calculations can be found in the app. Please download from the links in the downloads section.

Data Source (technical disclaimer)
1. No private details are used. Only publicized results from official races
2. Please read our privacy policy.
3. This is in conjunction with the laws of South Africa and to comply with Apple App Store and Google Play Store requirements.
4. We make use of TLS 1.2. This is to protect your private data. Currently the only information available in the app is information other sources have publicly made known. This is in preparation for when the token system is in place and we will be able to add features including, nutrition, training and itinerary plans.
5. From a public point of view, we only collect and compile the data for ease of use. Anything that is not publicly available will only be visible to the token holder. ie, when we send the tokens out, please DO NOT just give it to anyone. Consider it your password.

General Points system
1. This is currently in experimental stage for 2020.
2. There is no guarantee of a prize
3. It is inevitable at some stage you will feel disappointed with the number of points for an event
4. It is inevitable that at another stage you will feel chuffed with a 4 pointer
5. Two members running the same time will not earn the same points

Awards at prize giving
1. These will follow the same rules as in the past. ie, The fastest marathon is based on time, not points.
2. The awards must be updated to 2020 and are still for 2019. The rules are the same apart from the requirement of being an ASWD sanctioned event.

Rules of the Points
The points indicated in events are in experimental stage.
1. The same target times apply for points in time trials and events
2. This will indicate the Member of the Year trophy.
3. Bonus points are available as follows:

Non running events (swimming, cycling, triathlon) will earn 4 points
Trail runs earn 1 bonus point
Marathons and long earn 1 bonus point

Comparison using VO2Max
1. This is a calculated number based on time and distance only.
2. There are a number of available formulas eg, the heart rate ratio, Fick equation, Coopers Test, Rockport test.
3. We make use of the Jack Daniels formula as this one, does not require data beyond the time and distance which is publicly available. It also has an extension which can calculate your own personalized training paces (Intense, Threshold, Marathon and Easy).

Calculation detail
1. The Jack Daniels formula is slightly complex and it can be found here: https://www.omnicalculator.com/sports/vo2-max-runners
2. This is NOT the formula used in Garmin, Polar and TomTom watches. They generally use heart rate and stress indicators as the higher end watches are designed for this purpose. Our value will differ.
3. If you would like more info, please contact me.

Calculation data
The best 5 VO2Max values of your last 15 time trials and events is your current VO2Max.
Your 2020 and 2019 VO2Max values are all the time trials and events in the respective year. The true measure of how you are performing against last year.

Target Times
The 4 points time value is calculated at your VO2Max value with the distance.

Subsequent points are determined by taking the time and adding:
10% for 3 points
20% for 2 points
30% for 1 point

Example: Someone with a VO2Max of 39.55 would run a 10km in 50:30.

To run 50:30 or faster would result in 4 points.

Converting this to seconds would be (50 x 60) + 30 = 3030 seconds

If we add 10%. 3 points would be 3030 x 1.10 = 3333 seconds (55:33)
If we add 20%. 2 points would be 3030 x 1.20 = 3636 seconds (1:00:36)
If we add 30%. 1 point would be 3030 x 1.30 = 3939 seconds (1:05:33)