Annual Awards Function & AGM

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The club hosted its annual awards function and Annual General Meeting on 4 December 2021.

The Chairman, Andrew Thorpe welcomed all attendees and gave a brief overview of the year in regards to races and the club finances. Due to most races being canceled for 2020, and a lot of virtual races were created to fill the void, the committee decided to award runners the following major trophies as a virtual race, Two Oceans, Comrades, and Meiringspoort.

A questionnaire was sent out to all members to vote if the 2020 committee should remain the same for 2021 and the majority agreed. There was however one change, vice Chairman Stephan Swanepoel resigned and Gerhardt Roux was co-opted to fill this position. A warm welcome to the Committee Gerhardt

Andrew started the awards function with the Traveling Tourist Award. This was awarded to Eugene Marais for finding races during lockdown from Port Alfred to Chapmans Peak. Eugen also won the following trophies: Most KM’s raced, Most Races Run, Male Trail Runner of the Year, Biathlon Male of the Year

Gerhardt Roux received awards for Team Player, he brought in member and arranged quality runs during the virtual bans, and was part of a winning Tri Team in League 2. Gerhardt also won the Most improved VO2Max, this trophy goes to the runner that improved most during the year. He won the best 42.2km race time for the year as well.

Robbie Joubert received the coveted Vasbyt, Bite the Bullet award. This award goes to the runner that showed the most resilience, Vasbyt, and true grit.

Robbie ran every day for 100 days consecutively in his own yard during the hard lockdown. Robbie also won the Best Time Trial attendance as well as the overall Time Trial competition.

Maxie Cockrell won our Star Supporter for the year, she was instrumental in helping the virtual Two Oceans runners finish a very hard race. Running in one’s back yard for 21km is a difficult task! Maxie was behind the camera, as usual, thank you Maxie for your superstar support!

There was a new trophy inspired by the lockdown, the CMCE Virtual Time Trial trophy. Three contenders made points above 100, Andrew Thorpe 157, Robbie Joubert 151, and Debbie Campbell 142. This is to encourage members to run, cycle, and swim in order to get those VTT points. Well done Andrew!

The Female Swimmer of the Year went to Mandi Wallace, she competed in the SA Masters and swam the 3km race, and also swam in the Midmar Mile to name but a few.

Henry Cockrell won the Male Swimmer of the Year

Joffrey Pienaar was crowned Male Mountain Biker of the Year.

Road Cyclist went to William Cockrell who took part in the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Multisport Female of the Year went to Helena Ferreira. This year the recipient of this award had to work hard for it as we had 4 female contestants as to one participant last year. Well done to all the Tri-girls!

Andrew Thorpe held the other contestants at bay to get his name on the Male Multisport award for 2020.

Yolandi Van der Berg was due to run her first Comrades in 2020 but sadly Covid put a stop to that, she took part in the virtual race and ran the furthest of all females in a very good time. Keep up Yolandi, your Comrades awaits you!

Best Comrades Race Male (Virtual) went to Cliff Wallace. Cliff’s name is legend on the trophy and we are sure he wants to keep it that way!

The Chairmans Award is a special award that the Chairman awards to a member of the Club. The winner for 2020 is Evette Joubert.

The Female Member of the Year award went to Debbie Campbell. The year has been shortened for runners however the secretary needed to stay ahead with rules, regulations, and information to members. In addition, she came second in the multi-sport female of the year category and third in the virtual time trial competition.

The Male Member of the Year went to Cliff Wallace. Cliff is an exemplary example for our club. His running history over the years speaks for itself, however, he is an inspiration to our Junior Athletes and he always keeps the name of Cape Multisport flying high. Cliff your dedication and commitment to the sport are admirable and you inspire us! Congratulations!

The following recipients could not attend the function.

Werner Botha – Bright Idea for the virtual Eden Time Trial, Meiringspoort Half Marathon Champion (Virtual), Best Two Oceans Race Time (Virtual) Werner ran 58km around his house to complete this feat! A super achievement!

Ariadne Van Zandbergen – female Trail runner of the year, Female mountain biker of the year, Best 10km Race time (Female)

Henriette Van Niekerk – Female Biathlon of the Year

Ricardo Cornelius – Best 10km Race time (male), best 21.1km Race time (Male)

Victoria van der Walt – Best 42.2km Race time (Female)

Margaret von Zeil – Female Meiringspoort Half Marathon Champion (virtual)

Ananda Joubert – Best Two Oceans Race Time (Female) (Virtual)

Ebenette van Niekerk – Junior Athlete of the Year

Annabella and Evette were awarded certificates for their week on week dedication at the Wilderness time trials.
Certificates were handed out to runners

Robbie telling us how he can use his teeth

Members enjoying a good braai

Bronze Certificates to the runners

The trophy table

Robbie opened the AGM with prayer

Our club Chairman Andrew Thorpe

The pudding, thanks to Neil and Denise Harlow for these beauties. As usual, they were delicious and every member deserved a medal for 2020.

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