SOX Day 2 – Circles in the Forest

Big special!!!Only R1000 for 5 x30min sessions

4 club members took part in this year’s Circles in the Forest trail run. The scenery is breathtaking even after the devastating fire that raged two years ago.

A jolly bunch of runners just about to start the 10 km route

Debbie Campbell finished in 1:45:27

Andrew Thorpe before the race. His time was also 1:45:27

Crossing the river very carefully

Beautiful in the forest

Runners emerging from the deep gorge

Eugene Marias won the 17 km Circles in the Forest with a time of 1:43:32. Gayle and Stephan Swanepoel also finished the grueling 17 km in a time of 2:54:34, well done guys. Its a very tough course but well worth the effort!

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