Two Oceans 2019

Big special!!!Only R1000 for 5 x30min sessions

Two Oceans finally came and went, our runners were so excited. For many it was meeting with an old friend / foe and for many it was a new exciting adventure!

A number of our runners hanging out together before the big night. Andrew and Gerhardt got a little tum bug because of the Italian’s hamburger! Note to oneself, never eat hamburger at an Italian restaurant

The “red army” sent 14 runners to battle Ou Kaapse weg and Southern Cross Drive. All were victorious and came home with their precious medals.

The day started out cold, wet and windy, they set out bravely into the dark. The newbies super excited and a little scared, the “old” hands knowing what awaited them. A lot of old hands met with Ou Kaapse Weg for the first time but overcame the steep up- and downhills.

Yolandi Van den Berg, a first timer on the half-marathon did an excellent job of the 21.1km and finished well under two hours in a time of 1:53:39.

Gerhardt took the honors in the ultra-marathon as the first male runner in the club to cross the finish line in a time of 5:34:37, super well done!

Full Results

From left to right, Andrew Thorpe, Robbie Joubert, Sonja & Tertius Steyn

Robbie Joubert and Cliff Wallace

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