A very windy Cape Cycle Tour

Big special!!!Only R1000 for 5 x30min sessions

On Sunday 4 of our clubs members set out on a bike course of 109km. True to Cape style the wind was blowing like she was paid to blow!

Tersius and Sonja, our duo, completed the course in 5:08:16, super proud of you guys. A team to be reckoned with!

Yolandi van den Berg did her first tour and finished in a respectable time of 5:43:13. Well done girl!

Adele Vorster completed Sunday’s ride to round of an amazing 10 Cycle Tours! Well DONE! That is an awesome record. Her time was 5:50:02, here is to the next 10 Adele!! Jaco Vorster, Adele’s hubby also completed his 3rd Cycle Tour next to Adele in a time of 5:50:02, well done Jaco!

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